Buy Online Juggs - Super Cool Time / As If 7-Inch Vinyl


Super Cool Time / As If 7-Inch Vinyl


Release Date: 25/01/2019

Discs: 1

Sinewy, sexy and danceable, JUGGS are the pairing of childhood friends, Brandon & Willem, who’ve been making music together in Los Angeles since they were wee lads.  A sampling of their songs, “Super Cool Time,” and “As If,” suck you in with their evocative allure, and you’ll find yourself on a mental beach, waves of good vibes crashing all around.

Both say they have a common goal of wanting to make cool art and music and that they were lucky enough to find someone who shared that goal.  And that goal has no sonic limitations.

JUGGS: “We love to collaborate and work with other people. There’s no ego, we’re just there to create something beautiful that people can feel.  We’re so grateful Alan McGee is into our music and signed us  to Creation 23.  We feel like we’re just getting started.”

Super Cool Time
As If