35 years after the birth of one of the most successful and iconic independent record labels, Creation Records,
maverick founder and music mogul Alan McGee launched Creation23, a 7" label with just one agenda - "I want to put out records again."

Sister Psychosis - Into Your Memory Blue 7-inch Single $14.00

Marquis Drive - Proud / Movin on 7-Inch Sold Out

Christian Pattemore - Drive / Bridge of Sighs 7-Inch $10.99

The Illicits - Left Behind / Born Slippy 7-Inch $12.99

Shambolics - Chasing a Disaster / Fight Another Feeling 7-Inch Sold Out

Chris Grant - Drawing Lines / Magical Mystery War 7-Inch Vinyl $10.99

The Illicits - In What World / What I Need 7-Inch $13.99

Rubber Jaw - Freaking Out / Dirty Lip 7-Inch Vinyl $13.99

Young Garbo - Faustus / Things D Change 7-Inch Vinyl $13.99

Juggs - Super Cool Time / As If 7-Inch Vinyl $13.99

Rubber Jaw - Feeling Funny / Bumpy Faces 7-Inch Vinyl (Signed) $13.99